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TRIPLE J GIFTON Consulting Services is the crystallization of burning ambitions, dynamic ideas, deep knowledge and wide experience of its leadership team. Triple J Gifton aims to offer its clients the best. This means the most cost effective solutions, the shortest possible turnaround times, the fairest contractual agreements, the best specifications suited to the client’s budget, the most responsible supervisory and monitoring support and the most dedicated after completion advisory services.

TRIPLE J GIFTON is able to provide its clients a wide range of services, from a specific role as consulting financial audit facilitators to the role of training administrators providing complete management and professional services.

Even in the case when TRIPLE J GIFTON is assigned to provide a limited specialist service, TIPLE J will always maintain its objective to provide the client the best and complete solution. This means TRIPLE J will always go out its way to provide relevant advice and opinions to the other members of the client’s project team so as to enhance the quality of the complete project.

TRIPLE J is networked to and has ongoing relationship with many financial services institutions and corporate training establishments across Nigeria. TRIPLE J is always ready to answer to any potential client’s inquiries.

We view our relationship with clients as a long term partnership focusing on elements that builds value adding pillars for all stakeholders. We go beyond just highlighting client’s fears and concerns for predatory and usury abuse of borrowing relationship, and challenges therein but also proffer unshakable, tested and bets practice solutions that are cost effective and leverages on current economic realities.


To become a company of reference in the provision of innovative solutions to local and global corporate financial challenges with guaranteed integrity.